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Concrete mixing plants

Modular container-design mixing plants

With their quick and easy installation, modular container-design mixing plants (available with skip or conveyor loading) have the ability to produce large quantities of concrete while using a minimal area of land.

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Standard mixing plants with conveyor loading

A standard mixing plant with conveyor loading has a high production capacity and offers easy operation and maintenance. The plant’s configuration is flexible, allowing it to fit within unique construction site layouts.

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Compact mixing plants with skip loading

The compact mixing plant with skip loading uses only a small portion of a construction site while providing exceptional performance and output. Versatile, durable, and economical, this plant has compact dimensions that let it fit into smaller construction sites.

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Mobile concrete mixing plant

Made for cost-effective transportation, a mobile concrete mixing plant offers quick and easy jobsite relocation. With minimal foundation requirements as well as low operation and maintenance costs, this plant is suitable for various types of construction sites.

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Modular dry batching plant

This plant adds dry concrete materials, water, and additives into a truck mixer all at once. The truck then rotates, agitating the wet mix and transporting it to its destination simultaneously.

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Tailor-made solutions

Does your project require a more unique solution? FYG is happy to create specialized concrete mixing plants for more uncommon construction sites.

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