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Modular container-design mixing plants

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Modular Container-Design Mixing Plants

With their quick and easy installation, modular container-design mixing plants (available with skip or conveyor loading) have the ability to produce large quantities of concrete while using a minimal area of land.

The durable container modules offer speedy setup and commission times, while the robust structure of the plant itself requires a minimal foundation — elements that contribute to economical plant relocations. This type of plant is fully enclosed, reducing dust and noise emissions and protecting its contents from harsh environmental factors.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quick and easy relocation
  • Flexibility in the configuration
  • Minimum foundation cost
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Specifications: HZS50D

  • Nominal output50 m³/h
  • Mixer charging1 m³
  • Batching machinePLD1600-III
  • Aggregate storage bins charging7 m³
  • Aggregate storage bins quantity3 pc
  • Aggregate weighing capacity2000 kg
  • Cement weighing capacity600 kg
  • Flyash weighing capacity/
  • Water weighing capacity250 kg
  • Additive weighing capacity40 kg
  • Mixer power37 kW
  • Belt conveyor power15 kW
  • Total power80 kW
  • Mixer discharge height3.8 m
  • Total weight24 t
  • Outline dimension (L x W x H)17.7 m x 10.4 m x 19.4 m
Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS180D
Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS120D
Modular concrete mixing plant -HZS120D
Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS90D
Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS50D
Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS180 with conveyor loading
HZS180 with conveyor loading
Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS120 with conveyor loading
HZS120 with conveyor loading

Modular concrete mixing plant – HZS180D

Animation illustration of FYG modular plant – easy assembly and relocation

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