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Modular dry batching plant

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Modular dry batching plant

This plant adds dry concrete materials, water, and additives into a truck mixer all at once. The truck then rotates, simultaneously agitating the wet mix and transporting it to its destination.

  • High production capacity
  • Easy operation and maintenance in wide areas
  • High efficiency

Specifications: PLZ80

  • Production rate80 m³/h
  • Aggregate storage bins charging4 x 25 m³
  • Aggregate weighing capacity2400 ~ 9600 kg
  • Conveyor belt widt800 mm
  • Cement weighing capacity600 kg
  • Screw conveyor LSY27390 t/h
  • Water supply46 m³/h
  • Single cycle production2 ~ 4 m³
  • Total power55 kW
  • Discharge height3.8 m
  • Air compressor1 m³/min
  • Dust suction system54 m²
  • Control room4 m²

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