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Why FYG?

Proud to be different

FYG concrete mixing plants are TÜV certified at the highest level, offering a rigid structure, small footprint, diverse plant layouts, and environmental resistance. Their modular design provides the flexibility to customize and extend their composition, allowing them to fit into a broad range of job sites.

Decades of industry experience

With 50 years of experience in the construction industry and the completion of a broad range of construction projects, FYG is ready to tackle any challenge: limited venue sizes, harsh environments, complex mixing processes, strict quality requirements, and more. FYG plants are designed, manufactured, and delivered by us, allowing for fast delivery times and the ability to customize your plant to your specific needs.

In silico concrete mixing

When it comes to the perfect mixing process of concrete, it boils down to the design of the equipment itself. FYG engineers extend the discrete element method (DEM) to consider moisture migration, investigating the mixing process and adapting the design of FYG mixers for different tasks. The objective is the uniform distribution of all components within a shorter timeframe while using less electricity.

FYG concrete mixer DEM simulation

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