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Fangyuan Group takes pride in our products and the projects on which we work — and we want to show them off! Learn about different projects we’ve been a part of, unique challenges we’ve faced, and more.

Maldives: Social housing project

This project resulted in the largest social housing project in the Maldives, providing a remarkable 7000 apartment units for residents of the islands. FYG supplied two HZS120D modular mixing plants with conveyor loading for this project.

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China: Pingtan cross-strait bridge

The Pingtan cross-strait bridge is the longest railway/highway cross-sea bridge in the world, spanning across one of China’s roughest seas in a region with year-round winds and atmospheric marine corrosion.

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China: High-speed rail

By the end of 2019, FYG supplied more than 1100 sets of modular concrete mixing plants for the world’s longest high-speed railway network — and produced more than 46% of the total concrete for the entire Chinese high-speed rail project.

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Georgia: E60 highway

The E60 highway — which spans across the entirety of Europe — is located on numerous international transit corridors. FYG supplied three HZS120D sets of modular concrete mixing plants for the part of the highway located in the country of Georgia.

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China: Highway network

Since the 1990s, FYG has supplied more than 30,000 pieces of different concrete mixing equipment to build the Chinese highway network.

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Nuclear plants

FYG also supplies concrete mixing solutions for nuclear plants — projects which require complex mixing processes and rigorous quality requirements.

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Precast concrete

In addition to supplying concrete for projects in development, FYG also supplies modular concrete mixing plant solutions for the precast concrete industry. Since there is no need for additional building constructions, FYG plants can fit easily into existing precast concrete workshops. –

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Proud deliveries

FYG modular concrete mixing plant - Dual HZS120 Maldives