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About Fangyuan Group

FYG takes construction technology to the next level by innovating, creating, and delivering modular concrete mixing plants. With a variety of cost-effective technology to choose from, FYG looks forward to helping you find the perfect, economical solution to your onsite concrete mixing needs.

When it was founded in 1970, FYG focused on producing agricultural equipment before transitioning into producing concrete mixers and tower cranes. Over the years, FYG began making other concrete equipment: concrete mixing plants, concrete pumps, truck mixers, and more.

The future of construction machinery

In 2011, FYG launched its first modular concrete mixing plant, which led them into the future of construction machinery. Now, FYG offers machines for production and logistical construction material, software solutions that pave the way to a smarter construction site, and so much more.

With a rich history of teamwork and unity, FYG is an employee-owned company that has a role in virtually every sector of the construction industry. Over the years, FYG has expanded significantly without losing sight of what matters most: our employees and our clients.

The history of the Fangyuan Group

  • 1970
    FYG was founded in Haiyang, China and began producing agricultural machinery.
  • 1977
    Delivery of infrared grain dryer
  • 1987
    Delivery of concrete mixers
  • 1989
    Expanding to Haiyang
    FYG opens a new production base in Haiyang and begins to mass-produce concrete mixers and tower cranes.
  • 1993
    Concrete mixing plant
  • 1998
    FYG moves to its new headquarters and enters the international market
  • 2011
    Launch of modular concrete mixing plants
    FYG launches modular concrete mixing plants at Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition.
  • 2018
    Delivery of the 2000th modular concrete mixing plant
    Delivery of the 2000th modularized concrete mixing plant for high speed rail construction
  • 2019
    TÜV certification
  • 2020
    FYG celebrates 50 years of successful business

We’re celebrating our 50th year!

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of FYG. Founded in 1970, FYG has spent the last five decades building lasting relationships with clients, constructing the newest innovations in concrete mixing plants, and delivering high-quality, efficient products.

Portrait of Fangyuan Group

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Proud deliveries

FYG modular concrete mixing plant - Dual HZS120 Maldives