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Two FYG HZS120D modular concrete mixing plants support the central Yunnan water diversion project

Central Yunnan is one of the most drought-prone areas in China with a per capita water resource of only about 700 cubic meters — much lower than the recommended 1700 cubic meters. The water diversion project in central Yunnan consists of two parts: a water source project and a water delivery project. The water source project has a total length of 661.07 kilometers and begins in Wangchengpo in Shigu Town, Lijiang. It then passes through Lijiang City, Dali Prefecture, Chuxiong State, Kunming City, and Yuxi City, ending in Xinpobei in Honghe Prefecture.

The area has 34 water-receiving communities in 35 counties throughout six prefectures along the main water-delivery channel. The project delivers water to a total of 11.12 million people and a total land area of 36,900 square kilometers. The total investment of the project was 75 billion CN yuan with a total construction period of 96 months.

The client handed over the difficult task of arranging the concrete mixing plant to Fangyuan Group after working together on several key projects, such as Guinan high-speed railway, Zhengji high-speed railway, and the Tibet 109 project. FYG delivered two HZS120D container-type mixing plants to Chuxiong City, Yunnan, for this project.

In the spring of 2020, FYG’s on-site engineers arrived at the project site, overcoming difficulties in transportation and accommodation to provide a fast installation of the modular container-type mixing plants — a process that was completed in just a few days.