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FYG modular HZS 180 mixing plant support the construction of Zhanhua-Linzi expressway

Recently, a company in Binzhou ordered a number of FYG modular HZS180 container-design mixing plants, one of which has been installed and commissioned. The project covers a total length of 107.584 km from Zhanhua to Linzi, and is connected with the chengkou-Zhanhua expressway under construction in the north and the planned Linzi-Linyi expressway in the south. The bid section is 23.215 kilometers long. There are 4 bridges, 7 middle bridges, 71 culverts, 2 interchanges, 4 separated crossings, 6 passageways, 3 overpasses, 1 service area and 1 ramp toll station.

The equipment in accordance with the requirements of Qilu traffic group was ordered to add stone washing machine, during equipment installation the high temperature and humidity, outdoor temperature as high as 38 degrees. In order to ensure the customers needs, after-sales service staff reasonable arrangements, close cooperation with customers, only more than 10 days to complete the installation and commissioning of equipment successfully. At present, the equipment has produced more than 1000 square meters of concrete, and the operation is stable. The high quality installation service and the reliable product performance obtains the customers appreciation.