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FYG HZS90D modular mixing plant supports the construction of Baleh Hydroelectric project in Malaysia

The Baleh Hydroelectric Power Plant is located along the Baleh River, a sparsely populated tributary of the Rajang River in southeast Sarawak, Malaysia. The project consists mainly of the first hub, the left-bank spillway, a power station inlet, a diversion tunnel, a pressure steel pipe, a ground plant, and a switch station. The storage capacity of the power station is 29.867 million cubic meters and the total capacity of the project is 1285 megawatts.

Due to the strict construction period of the project, the first plant, a HZS90D modular concrete mixing plant, needed to be shipped before mid-February. Due to COVID-19, FYG had less than a week to manufacture the plant and test it for delivery. On February 14, 2020, thanks to the hard work of the FYG team, the plant was successfully shipped to the job site in Malaysia.

Modular concrete mixing plant - HZS90D