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FYG HZS180D modular mixing plants support the construction of China’s national key project – ZUNYU expressway project

The ZUNYU expressway (93 km, 66 bridges, incl. 3 super large bridges with more than 260 meter height towers) will connects Zunyi with the Yuqing in the southwest of China. The project is not only well-known for beautiful scenery along the way, but also for its high bridge-to-tunnel ratio (> 56%) and challenging construction conditions due to extreme rugged terrains.

In the middle of May 2020, multiple FYG HZS180D modular concrete mixing plants are successfully committed to the project. The HZS180D modular mixing plants have the ability to produce large quantities of concrete. With their quick and easy installation, the HZS180D modular mixing plants offer speedy setup and commission times, while the compact and robust structure of the plants require a minimal land and foundation investment – elements that contribute to economical construction of customers especially when taking such rugged terrains into consideration.