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FYG HZS180 modular mixing plants support the construction of the Hengren–Ji’an highway

Jan 15 2021 multiple FYG HZS180 modular container-design mixing plants have been commissioned in Ji’an,Jilin Province, to support the construction of the Hengren–Ji’an highway. The Hengren–Ji’an highway project has a total length of 57.65 km,with a design speed of 100 km/h, a design standard of four lanes, and a subgrade width of 26 meters.

FYG’s modular concrete mixing plants are designed for minimum space requirement and large quantities of concrete production performance, durable container modules enable economical transportation, minimum time and operations of erection and disassembling, robust structure reduces the requirement of foundation, leading to economical plant relocations, plant fully enclosed and protected from harsh environment, also low noise and dust emission.