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FYG HZS120D modular mixing plants support the construction of Caowu expressway

The Caogaotu-Wulanhaote expressway, total length of 158 kilometers and designed speed of 120 kilometers per hour,  is part of the G5511 connection line and has been included in the national highway network planning. The project is an important guarantee for the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” strategy and will effectively drive the economic development of the western region, at the same time to complement and improve the Inner Mongolia highway network, improve the service level of inter-provincial access.

Affected by the epidemic situation of COVID-19, the project was delayed, but the customers required to put into production as soon as possible because of the tight schedule. Our service engineers arrived at the job site at the first time, closely cooperated with customers and successfully completed the installation task. So far two mixing plants have produced more than 12,000 cubic meters of concrete. Excellent performance of the plants and professional & passionate service team, once again won the praise of customers.

FYG’s modular concrete mixing plants are designed for minimum space requirement and large quantities of concrete production performance, durable container modules enable economical transportation, minimum time and operations of erection and disassembling, robust structure reduces the requirement of foundation, leading to economical plant relocations, plant fully enclosed and protected from harsh environment, also low noise and dust emission.