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FYG HZS120D modular concrete mixing plant commissioned to the Jihei expressway project

Recently, one FYG HZS120D modular concrete mixing plant ordered by a road and bride company in Heilongjiang was successfully installed and commissioned with the joint efforts of the service personnel and road and bride company, and at the end of the National Day, the first standard concrete has been put into intensive construction.

The mixing plant follows the previous order requirements of the customer and further improves the details, mainly in the new production of the upper hopper, the production of the track assembly according to the standard sinking, as well as the complete drawings of spare parts, hydraulic and electrical schematics, and provide an electronic manual.

This mixing plant is mainly used in the contract section 83 of Jihei expressway, with a total length of 38 km. The construction period is only 20 months. Mainly including the main line across 5 water bridges ,11 bridges, such as interchange, engineering, large and small bridges a total of 42, the total volume of concrete is expected to reach 107828m³.The tight construction schedule and heavy tasks, from the signing of the contract to the official delivery of only four days, and then to the service personnel to enter the field to produce the first-party concrete, now the product quality of the FYG mixing plant again to win the trust of customers!