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FYG container-design HZS180 concrete mixing plant serves the Xiongshang high-speed railway project

Feb 04, 2021 Two container-design HZS180 concrete mixing plants ordered by an engineering company of the China Railway 10th bureau were successfully installed in the Xiongshang high-speed railway project. The project mainly spans the Lunan high-speed railway, the G327 fixed line and the Xinhe Yanri railway, Dingtao connection line, the introduction of Heze east high-speed railway station.

This contract is tailor-made special mixing plant for this high-speed railway project , configuration requirements:sand and gravel institutions must have two kinds of sand, bin built-in screen mesh, to prevent large aggregate into the impact of concrete quality; two of the three kinds of powder weighing fly ash said, liquid admixture two sets, additive supply system 4 sets, add to the inspection reserve tank, and require water supply and admixture pipeline add insulation device, to meet the local cold winter construction requirements. Each mixing plant is equipped with 12 cement silos SC-150T-4.32. The silos are replaced by environment-friendly ground pulse dust removal, and wind cables, lightning rods and small hammers outside the silos are added to distinguish the empty and full silos manually, the unloading door of bin body is changed from manual valve to pneumatic butterfly valve, and the bin body is equipped with temperature sensor.

Now, both HZS180 mixing plants have been installed and commissioned within the time required by customers, and in the early stages of producing high quality concrete, service personnel often accompany operators to produce concrete late at night until dawn, get a good review from the customers.