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Four FYG HZS120D modular mixing plants completed the Padma Bridge project in Bangladesh

The Padma Bridge in Bangladesh, which was built by the 5th engineering co.LTD.,MBEC  has taken over the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh. The main construction projects of the bridge include the construction of the main bridge of Padma Bridge, which is 6.15 kilometers long, and the river regulation project, which is 13 kilometers long. Today, the construction period has reached five years, during all kinds of unpredictable difficulties and obstacles, until today will be completed successfully, it is not easy to stick to the round mixing station like!

In the past few years, the Padma Bridge,which is the longest bridge in Bangladesh and a key project of “Belt and Road” construction, experienced two to three times of serious river erosion almost every year, resulting in collapse zones. It was in this complex geological area that four HZS120 modular concrete mixing plants which were built two years ago, contributing one million sides of high quality concrete to the bridge’s lift. When the Padma bridge completed, it will end the history of ferry travel between 21 districts in southern Bangladesh and the capital, Dhaka. It will also become one of the important passageways connecting China with the trans-asian railway in Southeast Asia, it is of great significance for deepening the economic and trade cooperation between China and Southeast Asia and its neighboring countries. The four FYG mixing plants make great contributions to the construction of the Padma bridge.

FYG’s modular concrete mixing plants are designed for minimum space requirement and large quantities of concrete production performance, durable container modules enable economical transportation, minimum time and operations of erection and disassembling, robust structure reduces the requirement of foundation, leading to economical plant relocations, plant fully enclosed and protected from harsh environment, also low noise and dust emission.